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iTunes 10.0.1
The entertainment capital of your world.
Get more out of your iPod!
The total iPod experience iTunes and iPod Download iTunes 10.0.1
Listen to your favorite music and watch
movies anytime, anywhere with the iPod.
It's the handy player that revolutionized
mobile entertainment.
Easily sync your music, movies and other
files with iTunes. Transfer mp3s, videos
and more with the iTunes program.
File size : 64 MB
Publisher : Apple Inc.
Downloads : 28 095 427
Limitation : None

Access to the iTunes Store

Top 40 hits and more. Only 99c per song

The latest and the greatest movies - $9.99
or below!

TV Shows
Watch the recent episodes on your
iPod - only $1.99 per show!

Complete Albums
Why get just one song when you can have
the whole album?

Music Videos
From Pop to Metal to Hiphop – put
music videos to your iPod!

Get iTunes on your computer

File transfer
Install music, movies, TV shows and so much more on your iPod with just a few clicks.

Edit data
Update your song data automatically and
forget all those “unknown” artist and album

Buy from the iTunes shop
Add more music and video files for less. The top songs and movies for cheap prices.

Compatible with all iPods
iTunes works with all versions of iPods. Forget your worries and install with ease!


“iTunes is really easy to use. Even a child can handle this.”

J. Javier

“My music is now organized thanks to iTunes. I recommend this for all iPod users.”


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